A life long student of the arts. Born from title pages and street art, graduating to architectural drawings and onto a personal interest in portraits, now specializing in fine art/decentralized finance.

Inspired by renowned artists and philosophers including Monet & Renoir, Salvador Dali, Davici & Picasso, Jean Michelle Basquiat and Emily Carr, he navigates the interconnected worlds of physical and digital art as it combines with the new age of Fintech. TokenPanda brings a unique perspective to his work, offering a perfect balance between classical art preservation and industry leading technological innovation in a modern era. 








Explore his dynamic portfolio and engage with his captivating strategies, ideas and creations to bring your artistic visions to life. His experience creating art in the blockchain space makes him an ideal choice for clients seeking an artist for diverse projects, including NFT ventures, commission work (both physical/digital) promotional material & 1/1 custom art pieces.

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Five years ago, PNDA had a major surgery on his dominant hand, which reshaped his approach to art. Forced to paint as a left-handed artist using a palette knife, he underwent a complete transfer of knowledge, techniques, and perception. This transformation increased focus, confidence, and a unique perspective on light and shadows. Forever changing the way he looks at the canvas and the world.

Unleashing artistic potential through adversity.


Let's connect: @token_panda

"Master the basics."